1. Thou shalt not rug thy hodlers
  2. Thou shalt not pumpeth and dumpeth
  3. Thou shalt not giveth monetary counsel
  4. Thou shalt not invest thy wealth into ill-regarded coinage.
  5. Thou shalt not bellow WAGMI incessantly
  6. Thou shalt not hasty-sell in the bearous market
  7. Thou shalt undertake thy own exploration
  8. Thou shalt bid thine neighbors good morrow and goodnight
  9. Thou shalt purchase lowly and vend highly
  10. Thou shalt be charitable to thine community
Hooman Lore
Third Web Manifesto
Disillusioned by the corrupt old web2 world, driven by profit and greed, the Hoomans ventured to find new land.
Upon discovering the land of the third web, the first Hoomans saw a chance to build a better future. They thus drafted their manifesto - a chronicle to guide all newcomers on the ways of this brave new world.
The Third Web shall be:
  • A world where all hoomans are equal, where all is see-through and clear, where power lies with hoomans and not powers that be.
  • A world welcoming to all hoomans, natives, and newcomers alike.
  • A world not centered around making a profit and benefiting those who hoard their wealth.
  • A world founded on principles of selflessness and community.
  • A new world made for hoomans, by hoomans.
Founded on these principles of selflessness and goodwill, the first hoomans vowed to do battle with earthly troubles.
Their community grew and flourished, new hoomans joining their valiant cause, all taking the oath to always abide by the values of the new world.
Great news, Good Hoomans!
We’re thrilled to announce that we’re embarking on our first fellowship! We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a global reforestation non-profit on a mission to make it simple and accessible for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.
We want our partnerships to empower our community to make a tangible impact on the world and we think the best way to do that is to partner with transparent and hard-working organizations that produce real results.
Reforestation is an important environmental initiative. It’s not just about planting trees and rebuilding forests either (coz us hoomans need oxygen) - it restores biodiversity and ecosystems and also creates countless jobs in the developing world.
We’re excited to start offering initiatives that our community can vote to fund and begin planting our Good Hooman forest! (see THE MASTERPLAN 2023).
The Fellowship of the Trees
Chronicles of CleanWater
Travelling MERCHant - A mysterious MERCHant appears! No one knows where he comes from or where he goes. He’s wary and only shows himself to Good Hoomans. He’ll disappear almost as quickly as he appeared - so hurry! He carries limited stock of custom wares and won’t hang around long. Mint an NFT and he might just have a surprise for you...
Good Hooman Awards - We’re all about celebrating Goodness. And in the spirit of paying tribute to the good hoomans who dedicate themselves to making our world better, we will vote and award them with their very own Good Hooman Award
PFP Creation Pod - With tireless effort, we forge a wondrous creation - a PFP Pod. With its aid, all members of our noble society shall be empowered to sculpt their own Web3 Avatars, and adorn them with the finest traits of the season. Behold, and rejoice, for a new age of customization and personal expression shall dawn!"
Good Habitat - It’s day one at our new settlement and our small community is already starting to build shelter. We are growing fast… More hoomans show up daily, coming from all over the world to join our new settlement. We spend our nights around the campfire (Discord) talking about all the good we can do with all these new coins we’ve gathered. Let’s begin our journey to making this world of ours a better place…
Mint - A few of us have been awarded special tokens for our continued support and contributions to the settlement. They call us Early Hoomans. We are the first generation of Hoomans, the originals…
Guild Bank - We just set up a fund for our growing community. We have to save our coins for the long days ahead and this will greatly help sustain us on our journey. We shall also use our stored savings to aid in building future ventures and partnerships.
Fellowship of the Trees - We’ve just discovered a forest near our settlement! But alas - it looks utterly ruined. Who could have done such a thing? We take it upon ourselves to start replanting the trees and restoring the ecosystem that was so cruelly destroyed. We join forces with the good hoomans of One Tree Planted Org. Each of our reforestation initiatives will be voted on by our community, and we will be given a reforestation report as the process begins and is completed. Our impact will not be forgotten!
Gatherings - So far we’ve mainly discussed important habitat matters around the campfire - but get-togethers are also a vital part of our community! We’re spread so far and wide– it’s nice to meet up from time to time. We are hosting both IRL and virtual events. For more event updates check our check discord.
Mystery Loot Box - It seems to be falling from the sky as if airdropped…
2023 Master Plan - a good plan for a great future.
Chronicles of our 2023 Social Gatherings
End February - Good Hoomans go to Paris POAP
Founders Key Mint
NFT Paris
Good Hoomans Pet Creation Mint & Airdrop to Founder’s key holders
PFP Creation Mint
Mid-April - Good Hoomans go to NYC POAP
Good Hooman Merch
Early June Mint & Airdrop
Good Hoomans Houses Collection
Good Hooman Private Event Dubai
October special POAP
Good Hooman Partnership Platform in Web3
End August
Worked on government and humanitarian projects for the past 7 years, alongside organizations like the United Nations. Bullish on Web3 utilities and revolutionizing the charity space. Crypto investor since 2015 and jpeg aficionado.
Senior Technical Writer at Filebase, a geo-redundant IPFS pinning provider. She began her career in tech in 2014, and since then, she's transitioned to writing in Web3 and self-published the 540-page Web3 handbook, 'The Ultimate Web3 Pocket Guide'. If she's not writing these days, she's wrangling her two high-energy huskies at the dog park or trying to get their fur off the furniture.
3D artist who broke into NFTs by putting humans in jars. A foodie and amateur chef so dedicated she grows her own stuff. Travel buff, bookworm, veg fan. Has promised to take time off post mint and learn the ukelele.
Former classroom teacher turned degen, who's now in charge of fostering a positive and welcoming community within our organization. With a background in Communication & Media Studies, she's an expert in building connections and relationships, both online and off. Her usually caffeinated and always friendly demeanor is the glue that holds the team together.
Chief Executive Hooman
Senior Research Hooman
Lead Design Hooman
Chief Operating Hooman
Early Hoomans
3D generalist who brings our hoomans to life. Introvert who spends his free-time watching animal ‘vids’. Marathon gamer. Don't feed after midnight.
A full-service NFT agency from London with an extensive portfolio of developing platforms, smart contracts, wallet solutions and more. They babysit us through the world of web3 and spread NFT knowledge.
Photosynthesizes by day, and provides mental health support for the long sleepless nights whenever the market dips.
Community Head Hooman
Lead Developer Hoomans
Good Vibes Guru
Artist & illustrator who knows how to spin a good story. Lover of cartoons and anything spicy - our Creative Director's not afraid to add a little kick to his creativity. With a passion for all things magical and adventurous, he's bringing the Hooman lore to life!
Creative Director Hooman
Community building expert who brings the good hooman discord server to life. Anthropology major who spends his free time watching movies & weightlifting. Whether it's crushing their workouts or building a thriving community, you can count on him to lift the team's spirits!
Lead Animation Hooman